From Grey’s Anatomy to Buffy: 6 of the biggest behind-the-scenes TV scandals of all time.

Schwahn was suspended from his job as showrunner on E!’s The Royals after Burton and 17 other women sent a signed letter to Variety accusing Schwahn of sexual harassment.

In 2018, Sophia Bush spoke out about her experiences on Sirius XM’s Andy Cohen Live, including the time she hit Schwahn.

“The first time Mark Schwahn grabbed my ass, I hit him in front of six other producers and I hit him f***ing hard. And he came back to L.A. and I was told years later by one of the then-writers who became an EP that he came back being like, ‘That fucking entitled bitch who does she think she is,’ and this very sweet man named Mike, who I love and who is like a ride or die for me, was like, ‘Maybe you just shouldn’t touch the girls,’ and, ya know, Mark gave him the option of shut up and keep your job or get out.”

In 2021, Bush claimed on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast that Schwahn also kept photos of the actresses on set from lingerie wardrobe fittings, which Bush called “super violating”.

She spoke about the tactic of pitting the cast against each other behind the scenes on the Chicks in the Office podcast.

“It was weird because, in some ways, we were treated like adults. We were expected to be these adults and yet, we were also looked at kind of as pawns,” she said.