Five years on from sexual harassment allegations, Craig McLachlan has spoken out on SAS Australia.

He was then asked if he remained professional, to which Craig replied “Absolutely.” Craig then claimed he had 15 criminal charges made against him in 2018.

“Fifteen charges is a lot of charges,” one of DS team replied. Craig became quite irritated, shouting at the two men, “I was found not guilty of any criminal behaviour. It was because I was f**king innocent!”

At this stage, he was told to “calm down”, to which he responded with “I’ve been profoundly hurt”. He later described the 2018 experience as being “publically crucified”.

Asked if he was the victim, McLachlan spoke about how he felt people turned on him during that time.

“People only months before told me, ‘You create the most wonderful work environment’… but the vast majority were gone,” he said. 

In 2020, McLachlan faced seven indecent assault charges and six common assault charges involving allegations from 2014 when he was performing in Rocky Horror Show, brought by four women including actress Christie Whelan Browne.

A Melbourne magistrate acquitted McLachlan of all charges, noting that his accusers were brave and honest, but the evidence was not enough to prove the incidents amounted to assault.

In May 2021, Teagan Wouters, Tamzen Hayes, Anna Samson and three others came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and bullying on the set of The Doctor Blake Mysteries and The Rocky Horror Show, in court documents obtained by the ABC. 

McLachlan initially sued the ABC, Fairfax and Christie Whelan Browne for defamation, but he dropped the case in May 2022. The actor dropped the case on the day that 11 women were scheduled to provide evidence about incidents of sexual harassment, indecent exposure, indecent assault, and bullying.