Finally, there’s a new medication for endometriosis.

“I am very excited about the new medication. I’m planning on booking in with my gynaecologist to chat more about it. Particularly because I’m reluctant to take more hormones / birth control because of the side effects — and I don’t want to mess with my hormones anymore than necessary.”

In an interview with The Guardian, director of Monash University’s women’s health research program, Professor Susan Davis said, “As an endocrinologist it is a great option to combine a treatment that blocks the normal ovarian cycle and provides a constant low dose estrogen-progestogen replacement to prevent or reduce estrogen deficiency symptoms.”

While the medication may not be an effective blanket treatment for every women, Professor Gino Pecoraro, a gynaecologist and endometriosis specialist at the Wesley hospital in Brisbane, said for long-time sufferers, the development is promising.

“It provides another option for treating the life-impacting symptoms experienced by women living with this condition,” Professor Pecoraro told The Guardian. “I often see patients who have been suffering unnecessarily for too long, they are fed up and looking for answers to manage their endometriosis pain.”

Davenport said, “This new drug is an is another tool to enable women with endometriosis to manage their pain, and while it might not suit everybody, for many from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, this drug means that the taboo issues relating to going on contraceptives to manage endometriosis pain is alleviated.”

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Feature image: Getty.