EXCLUSIVE: Why Teresa Palmer doesn’t call Hollywood home.

Palmer was born and raised in SA, among the rolling hills and vast coastlines of Adelaide.

“South Australia is a special place to me,” she says. “Everything is very vibrant and it’s why I’m so proud to live here because so many people talk about the bigger cities in Australia, but Adelaide is such a hidden gem.”

Earlier this year, Palmer – an ambassador for South Australia Tourism – travelled to Port Lincoln, a city on the Eyre Peninsula in SA. She brought her husband, director Mark Webber, and four of their five children – nine-year-old Bodhi, six-year-old Forest, four-year-old Poet and little Prairie, who is two.

The charming city, home to 16,000 locals, is surrounded mostly by water and is home to a plethora of rare flora and fauna. It’s also a city Palmer and her family fell in love with from the moment they touched down after a 30-minute flight from Adelaide.

“It is it’s the most remarkable place, truly. It’s like no other holiday because it entices an up-for-anything attitude and offers such great raw experience,” Palmer recalls to Mamamia.