Exactly what Princess Mary’s 20 years of training to be queen has involved.

Aside from shifting her fashion choices, Mary also enrolled in military training. In 2008, the royal joined the Danish Home Guard which supports Denmark’s Armed Forces, where she donned military gear and was taught how to operate a weapon, assisted in rescue operations and became a First Lieutenant in 2015 for finishing a grueling field exercise. 

Then there are Mary’s philanthropic endeavours, with the Crown Princess a patron of several organisations, charities and foundations. She started her own organisation The Mary Foundation in 2007, which seeks to prevent bullying and social isolation across Denmark.

The training for Kate Middleton to become Queen.

From one soon-to-be-queen to another, Kate Middleton has also dedicated much of her adult life to preparing to become the next British monarch. In the 2017 Amazon Prime documentary Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor, a royal commenter said Kate was given lessons by the late Queen herself.

“From the beginning, Kate Middleton had a great deal of support from the royal family, which was really instructed by the Queen,” journalist Ashley Pearson said. 

“There were things like learning how to get out of a carriage without exposing your modesty and learning how to bend down to get flowers from a young girl without exposing your modesty. Things that you would never think you’d have to learn but, of course, a woman in her position would certainly need to know.”

Kate was reportedly taught “how to sit, who to curtsy to, who not to curtsy to, what fork to use, and whatever else they felt she needed to know,” Pearson claimed. “She was actually given lessons on how to be a royal wife.”