Everyone is talking about Kate Middleton’s sheer dress again. But we all missed the best detail.

And now we’re looking more closely at the infamous photos again, we’re obsessed with the heavily sprayed ringlet curls that probably should have been brushed out and the very peculiar gold hair wraps that scream early 2000s.

All she needs is a frosted eyeshadow and bubblegum pink lip gloss to complete the look. 

Now, let’s go back to the hair for a second, because we’re not entirely ready to move past it just yet. Who else can remember curling their hair but leaving random bits straight…on purpose? 

Actually, don’t answer that, because we all have memories of straightening the front parts of our hair until it felt stiff and smelt burnt, only to leave the back part completely unstyled because we couldn’t see it.

And if you claim that was never you, I’m sure there’s a hot pink digital camera lying around that contains photographic evidence to the contrary. 

Not only do we feel better that Kate, who is known for never having a strand of hair out of place, made the same errors we did, but it just makes the look even more iconic. 

We’re surprised Gen Z gals haven’t jumped on this one yet.

Kate’s sheer dress only cost £30 pounds (around $55 AUD) but sold for £80,000 ($150,000 AUD) at an auction in 2011. 

Designer Charlotte Todd managed to sell the dress for 80,000 pounds at an auction. Image: Getty.