Every time Asher Keddie steps onto a set something unexpected happens.

“I didn’t go to drama school,” she continued. “So I don’t have a process I can fall back on and I had to develop it myself. I can’t execute it until I’m there and under that pressure. Then I start doing strange things with my physicality, I start sitting, walking, and running differently. I don’t write ideas down, they’re just in the body by then.”

This thoughtful approach to her career went into overdrive when she finished playing Nina Proudman in Offspring in 2017With fame never being her end goal, Keddie instead carefully selected projects and characters that allowed her to grow as an artist. 

Listen to Asher Keddie and Mia Freedman talk about Strife and life on No Filter. Article continues. 

As an executive producer on Strife Keddie said she had never felt so creative before in her career, proving that alongside finding her character’s voice in front of the camera, she has also well and truly found her voice behind it. 

“We made a loose plan,” Keddie said when talking about her career after Offspring ended. “We decided to seek out projects that felt different to not only the tone of that show, but also the character. It’s still thrilling to me that people are still so connected to that show.

“You don’t know what being ‘famous’ or well-known feels like until it happens,” she continued. “So whatever the idea of being famous is that we see as a little kid, even if it’s dreaming of telling stories and being a performer, it’s kind of a warped idea. I know it’s strange but I don’t think I ever thought about being famous when I was a kid. But as a kid, I certainly felt like I wanted attention and wanted to perform. I wanted to tell stories and jokes and make people laugh. I also wanted to make people cry.