Every single Easter egg in Taylor Swift’s new album.

Fans have guessed that the new lyrics are connected to Swift’s older songs, including ‘Reputation’ where she sang about her castle crumbling overnight.

Swifties also think the new lyrics have something to do with her other singles ‘Daylight’ and ‘Tolerate It’, as she mentions daggers in those songs, too.

A jar with puzzle pieces.

Among the items on one shelf in the exhibit is a glass jar filled with puzzle pieces featuring lines and letters.

Some fans have theorised that the puzzle is actually a specific Bgraamiens puzzle called “The Lines” — it’s infamous for being super tough to solve. Maybe, just maybe, the singer is telling us her new album is all about a broken relationship that proved just too hard to repair.

A Story Of Us book.

Another nod to her upcoming album are the books on the shelves within the exhibit, which have titles of her new songs such as ‘The Manuscript’ and ‘The Albatross’.

What stood out to Swifties, though, was a simple notebook that had ‘US’ written in permanent marker. It’s likely a reference to her song ‘The Story Of Us’, from the album Speak Now.