Every bad thing North West has ever said about her mum Kim Kardashian (and if any of it is true).

If there’s one thing North West does better than anyone else, it’s keep Kim Kardashian humble.

The 10-year-old is arguably one of the most famous and talked about celebrity children in the world, as the daughter of The Kardashians star and designer/rapper, Kanye ‘Ye’ West. 

North has grown up in the spotlight, making frequent appearances on both Kim’s socials and her reality shows. And during these cameos, one thing has been made clear: North will say what she wants and when she wants it. 

“North can be critical,” Kardashian said in the latest The Kardashians episode. “I had John Galliano fitting me for a dress and North was giving notes. This is just her vibe.”

On this week’s instalment of the series, Kim prepared for the Met Gala, with a Karl Lagerfeld-inspired outfit — an outfit that didn’t quite meet North’s expectations.  

“I respect your opinion. Please just be easy on me today,” she told her daughter. North replied, “I’m not going to lie. I won’t say it at all, if you don’t want me to. But I’m not going to lie.”

So is this accurate? Does North always tell the truth? 

We’ve rounded up some of the most savage things North has said to her mother and decided whether or not they’re true. 

North West roasts Kim Kardashian’s 2023 Met Gala outfit.

North didn’t hold back in her appraisal of Kim’s gown for this year’s Met: a Schiaparelli design made of 50,000 freshwater pearls.