Eminem’s three daughters are all grown up.

They split two years later in 2001. The pair briefly reconciled in 2006, before separating permanently.

On her podcast, Hailie spoke about the reality of being Eminem’s daughter, admitting questions about her dad bothered her. 

“The best way to say this is yes and no. Honestly, it’s to a point,” she explained, adding, “I obviously expect it. And there are certain things I can understand why people are just genuinely curious about, as anyone would be when you’ve kind of grown up half in the spotlight.”

Hailie continued, “I feel like growing up, when it would happen, I would get more bothered by it because I was like, ‘Why do people care?’ I was young and I didn’t totally understand the situation, so I was like, that’s my dad. I don’t ask you about your dad.”

The pair are incredibly close and on her podcast, she shared more about childhood — which she reflects on fondly. 

“I always think about that time we went to Florida, my dad was working on something, and he set up for us to do, like, the limo and take it to Disney and we did the princess tea party, and he had the dresses waiting for us,” Hailie shared on Just A Little Shady

“At the time, we were so happy and so excited, but we didn’t get to appreciate that moment as much as now when we talk about it and think back on it.”

Alaina Marie Mathers.

Born under the name Amanda in 1993 to Kimberly’s twin sister Dawn Scott — who died of drug abuse in 2016 — Alaina Marie was legally adopted by Eminem in the 2000s, although it’s unclear precisely when this happened.