Dr Macchiarini was the celebrity surgeon who fooled almost everyone.

In 2008, Paolo Macchiarini was considered a miracle man.

The thoracic surgeon, who specialised in diseases and injuries to the structures inside the chest, was a legend in his field, considered the doer of the impossible with his groundbreaking operations using regenerative medicine.

But after a fall from grace, the superstar surgeon was revealed to be not a miracle worker, but a con artist who fooled the medical world.

His criminal story is being told in a new season of Dr Death, starring Édgar Ramírez (Stan Original Series Wolf Like Me) and American actress and singer-songwriter Mandy Moore (This Is Us, A Walk To Remember).

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Macchiarini rose to fame back in 2008, when he created a transplantable windpipe for a young mother named Claudia Castillo. He stripped away the cells of a windpipe chemically from a deceased donor, and then seeded the organ with stem cells taken from Castillo’s bone marrow, reports The Guardian.

Castillo was reportedly back on her feet and playing with her children in no time following the procedure, which seemed to be a genuine medical miracle and an incredible step forward in the field of regenerative medicine. 

But while media reports declared Macchiarini’s work a huge success, his patient was quietly facing severe complications behind the scenes.

By 2011, Macchiarini was working in Sweden at one of the world’s most respected medical universities, the Karolinska Institute (it’s where professors annually select the winner of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine).