David Sutcliffe played Gilmore Girls’ most hated character. In real life, he’s so much worse.

“I have been coaching, leading groups, workshops, and trainings since 2011,” he said, adding “Before that, I was an actor best known for my role in the TV series Gilmore Girls.

Based on his learnings, Sutcliffe is selling access to his ‘Life Force’ workshops which will get you 15 hours of Zoom session with David, weekly homework, and access to an ‘accountability group’.

Thanks, but keep it! 

Sutcliffe was born in Canada and before getting his big break on Gilmore Girls, he made small appearances on Friends, Will & Grace, and Two of a Kind

When Gilmore Girls ended after seven seasons, he starred in Private Practice and for one season of the Canadian police crime drama, Cracked

In 2016, he reprised the role of Christopher for just one scene in Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life.

Given everything we now know, it might be time for Gilmore Girls fans to reinforce their allegiances to Team Luke. Or hell, Team Digger will suffice. 

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Feature image: The WB.

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