COVER STORY: What Tammy Hembrow isn’t telling you.

Some facts. Tammy Hembrow is about to turn 30. She is one of seven siblings who range in age from mid teens to early 30s. She has 17.5 million followers on Instagram, 2 million on TikTok and 1.3 million on Youtube. Tammy has three children, Wolf (8), Saskia (6) and Posey (2) with two former fiances.

She is currently engaged for the third (and, she says, final) time to a former reality star, named Matt Zukowski who she met after he slid into her DMs. She insists he wasn’t trying to hit on her. He definitely was but, hey. Tammy doesn’t read all her DMs because you can imagine how many she gets, including from famous men who want to meet her. She thinks that’s yuck and always ignores them. Not this time though.

She’d seen Matt when he appeared in the reality show, Love Island and she liked his vibe so when she noticed his name pop up, she replied. They got engaged in December 2023 after just a few months of dating which sounds like a red flag but Tammy says this relationship is different because Matt is an excellent communicator.

He currently splits his time between Melbourne and Tammy’s waterfront home on Queensland’s Gold Coast and the only time in our interview when she falters is when the topic of Matt’s infertility comes up.

She mentioned it when I asked about whether her family felt complete but when I ask how he found out he was infertile, she pauses, looks away. Wavers. Makes silent calculations about who that story belongs to. No doubt imagines the Daily Mail headlines. Her eventual answer gives me a clear insight into how navigating the line between public and private is an ongoing concern for her and how creating the kind of content she does can sometimes make that line fuzzy.