Connie Converse wrote a letter to a friend saying she wanted a ‘fresh start’. Then she vanished.

Someone had also told Connie’s brother that they had found an ‘Elizabeth Converse’ in a phone book in either Kansas City or Oklahoma, but he never called the number. “Leaving was her choice,” he said. “And I would be embarrassed to show up on her doorstep and say, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ I know it might sound ghastly, but that’s how I felt.”

Connie might not have ever found fame for her music while in New York, but success would eventually find her, decades later when, in 2004, some of her music was featured on a radio show.

In March 2009, a compilation album of her work, How Sad, How Lovely, was released. She instantly had an audience, and her fan base has only grown. In 2024, Connie has 78,000 monthly listeners and some of her hits include ‘Talkin’ Like You’, ‘I Have Considered The Lilies’ and ‘Trouble’.

Philip remembers his sister as a “genius and a polymath”, adding: “I do not use the terms lightly.”

While the mystery of what became of Connie remains unsolved, Philip said in 2010 that he believes his sister drove her car off a bridge “somewhere west of Michigan — maybe North Dakota”, where it was submerged in water, and that is why police will never find it.

Regardless, Connie’s legacy lives on, and almost 60 years after she packed her bags and left New York City, her voice is finally being heard.

Feature Image: Missing Persons.