Caroline Calloway was once the internet’s biggest scammer. Here’s what her life looks like now.

“My involvement was uncredited, as the entire selling point of Caroline was that she was an ingénue,” Beach wrote. “Caroline was caught between who she was and who she believed herself to be, which in the end may have been the most relatable thing about her.”

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Ironically, this essay launched Calloway into mainstream media publications and, in her signature style, she leveraged off the infamy by announcing she was writing a book titled Scammer.

While writing the book, Calloway moved on to another product to sell. A $75 homemade skincare product she called ‘Snake Oil’.

“We all know that I have amazing skin. Everyone knows this. This is just historically correct. I have the skin of a viral 18-year-old TikToker, and I am turning thirty,” the influencer said in a video promoting the new product. 

Calloway explained to her followers that she has been mixing her own skincare oils for years. When her friends suggested she sold the oil to followers, she recalls telling them: “Oh my god, I love money. What a great idea.”

She claimed the product is an “elixir of youth”.

The influencer shared the ingredient list, which included grapeseed, neroli, carrot seed, clary sage, lavender, and ylang-ylang oil. 

In 2020 she said to The Guardian: “I love fame. I love being written about. I don’t really mind if people think I’m a bad writer, if they don’t understand my weird Instagram performance art or they find my long captions annoying. That’s part of the package of being in the public eye, and honestly, I find it exhilarating.”