Candy Cane Lane is the new feel-good Christmas movie everyone is talking about.

Candy Cane Lane is the new Christmas movie you’ll want to gather your loved ones together to watch during the festive season.

The new Prime Video movie stars comedy powerhouse Eddie Murphy, in his first holiday film, as Chris Carver, a husband and father who receives some brutal career news in the lead-up to Christmas Day.

To complicate family dynamics more, his wife Carol Carver (played by Tracee Ellis Ross) is given a promotion on the same day as Chris is reckoning with his career downslide, leaving him feeling like he won’t be able to help provide for the couple’s three children.

But in classic Christmas movie style, there’s a way for Chris to help out his family and not spoil the holiday season, and it includes winning a neighbourhood Christmas lights competition that comes with a very impressive cash prize.

But when all the neighbour’s head into a Christmas competition frenzy and strip the nearby shopping centres of all the good decorations, Chris feels his chances of winning the money slip away. While on the hunt for more decorations, Chris then stumbles upon a weird and wonderful Christmas store run by a charismatic woman called Pepper (played by a perfectly cast, Jillian Bell) who sells him a mountain of glorious (and slightly magical-looking) Christmas decorations.

What Chris doesn’t realise is that, although he’s now a shoo-in to win the Christmas lights competition, he didn’t read the fine print of his purchases. Pepper, as it turns out, is actually a rogue elf with a slightly sinister agenda, bringing the 12 Days of Christmas to life and causing havoc for the whole town.