Can Gen Z stop naming basic human things?

Girl math.

If one term took over 2023 more than any other, it’s girl math. The term describes the way girls and women will justify spending money by making a series of rational deductions.

The concept has since branched out to ‘gay math’ or ‘boy math or ‘mum math’ or ‘work math’.

Big fan of this concept, but it is arguably based on the assumption that all women care about is shopping, which from my personal experience… is true. 

Main character energy.

“That girl has main character energy” is a common roast on social media, which means the person thinks they’re the leading character in the movie (of their life), and surrounded by characters who exist just to serve their own story. 

This term is basically just describing someone who is totally self-indulgent or self-absorbed. In short, main character energy is shorthand for someone rather annoying.

Quiet quitting.

This is when an employee puts in minimal effort in their job, refusing to go the extra mile, do overtime, or bring any enthusiasm to their role. 

So basically, doing the bare minimum of your job. 

Everything shower.

This term describes a shower during which the showerer does everything: exfoliating and cleansing face and body, shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, potentially shaving as well.

In short, this is having a long shower. Or in my world, just having a shower before a night out.