Calling it: “Stan Original Film Christmas on the Farm is my new favourite festive flick.”

Now I don’t want to be bold and say that I’m a Christmas movie connoisseur… but I also don’t want to lie to you all.

Because I am. 

I’ve watched them all – the good, the bad, and the goofy. I turn them on outside of the festive season, craving not just a subtle jingle of joy, but an extreme amount of happiness designed to hit you like a snowball to the face.

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The key ingredients of a Christmas movie winner, in my not-so-humble opinion, are as follows: A quaint setting, a PG-13 level of romance,
hilarious auxiliary characters, a few pets, and, of course, snow.

That last one is definitely reminiscent of my childhood, where I had many white Christmases back in Blighty. For that reason the perfect Christmas scene to me features mittens, hot chocolate, make-shift sleighs, and lots and lots of fluffy white snow.

But I’ve had to spend the last seven Decembers, after moving to Australia, adjusting to the exact opposite of that. 

Stinking hot Christmas days and swapping gravy-laden lunches for… prawns?! Still very weird to me.

But now that I have no plans to return to the northern hemisphere, I know I really need to wrap my head around Christmas down under. This is why when I first saw the trailer for Christmas on the Farm, I knew it was just the festive therapy
I needed.

You can watch the trailer for Christmas on the Farm right here. Post continues after video.