Brooke thought she was dating Matt Rife, then she was added to a group chat.

Between beefing with six-year-olds and being savaged in reviews for his Netflix special, Matt Rife is in a world of pain right now.

And now, his ex-girlfriend has come out to claim she discovered he was talking to “20 women” when they were casually dating earlier this year.

He’s a busy boy. Who has the time for that much small talk? How many “good morning babe” texts can one feasibly send each day? The admin alone sounds like a nightmare.

YouTuber and podcaster Brooke Schofield is now spilling the tea on her time dating the controversial comedian. Appearing on her podcast with co-host Tana Mongeau, Brooke shared some recent revelations she’d had about the time she dated Rife.

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Brooke and Matt started a casual relationship in early 2023. “It wasn’t this serious relationship… [but] I wasn’t just hooking up with him,” Schofield said on the podcast.

“I really liked him. More so from his end, he was the one who was initiating the conversations that were like, ‘I haven’t felt this way about anybody in so long.’ To anybody with common sense, it’s love-bombing.”

Their relationship hit a bump when Schofield noticed that she made extra effort to go to the comedian’s shows, but she wasn’t getting that effort reciprocated. 

“How embarrassing that I just did all of this and then you come back and you can’t even spend time with me,” she said, adding, “It happened a couple of times.”

Rife ended their relationship due to a lack of spare time, Schofield claimed, saying, “I haven’t felt this way about anybody in so long… but I can’t put energy into this.'”