Brandon Lee was killed on the set of The Crow. His death haunted the cast for years.

Proyas has previously spoken about his actions in the months after Lee’s death, and why he was not interested in any reboots or remakes.

“Brandon Lee made that movie what it is. He made that movie, he made that character. That character was not taken from a comic book, that was Brandon,” he told the podcast It’s Hughezy, Hello! in 2020

“And Brandon Lee died making that movie, he paid the worst price anyone could ever pay making a movie, and it’s his legacy. The guy would have been a huge star after that movie. He wasn’t able to ever do that. That’s his final testimony to his talent, and that’s why I finished the movie. I finished it for Brandon. 

“After being devastated about what happened we shut down the production and I went back to Australia. Months later, I went back and watched the movie and his family, all the other actors, everyone involved, said ‘You’ve got to finish this movie because Brandon is so great in it’ and he was. I was able to watch it and see how great he was and I thought then the movie deserves to be completed because it’s his legacy. So that’s what the movie is, it’s not just a movie that can be remade. It’s one man’s legacy. And it should be treated with that level of respect.”

This article was originally published on October 26, 2021 and has been updated.

Feature image: Getty/Instagram @brandonlee.

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