Bethenny Frankel was struggling to pay her rent. Then she landed a $100 million deal.

“If I say it; I mean it.

“If I go in to do it; I do it. 

“If I do it; I do it all the way.

“‘No’ is not a stop sign.”

“Despite hard work, still expect to hear ‘no’,” says Bethenny.

“Many people didn’t think Skinnygirl was a good idea, including people in the industry,” she says sharing that she was turned away by liquor companies, PatrónCuervo and Diageo.

“It’s like, what if a guy doesn’t like you? Okay, so it’s not a match. You certainly don’t want someone who doesn’t get your idea to be piggybacking it.

“But ‘no’ doesn’t need to be absolute. 

“If your idea only has one place it can live, then you’ve got to find a way in. But, if it has many places that it can live, then there are many fish in the sea… ‘No’ is not a stop sign; it’s a word.”

From idea to action, here are Bethenny’s quick hot tips:

1. Push, push, push.

“Keep pushing in a non-pushy way, and find a way to land,” says Bethenny.

“But make sure your instincts are sharp, and you are confident your idea is good,” she warns. 

“The piece to the puzzle is there, you just have to figure out what piece it is.”

2. Commitment is born from excitement.

“Every idea must be executed, carried up the hill, nurtured, massaged, tweaked, changed. It is so hard to get any idea accomplished so you have to really push for it.

“And to push, you must find excitement – to sustain the commitment.