‘Bella Hadid just shared her 10-step morning routine. As a dietitian, it’s all wrong.’

“Taking a large amount of supplements can create an extra strain on your body to process through all the nutrients. But mostly, we just refer to this taking too many supplements as expensive wee. Because typically, your body ends up excreting any nutrients that it doesn’t require out in your urine. Because it’s not needed in your body.”

She said that sometimes people think of taking a supplement like an insurance policy, and while this can be correct, it’s important to remember that it does create a little bit of an extra load on your body. 

“Typically, for someone who has a healthy balanced diet, you certainly wouldn’t need to be taking a whole handful of supplements that seems extreme and unnecessary.”

In the comment section, one comment read: “If you have to take that many supplements, then you’re not getting enough nutrition from your food.”

Another person wrote, “Anything but eating a proper breakfast.”

While Hadid’s content isn’t outwardly promoting dangerous content surrounding body ideals as such, her methods aren’t exactly ‘proven’ and as Cohen said, shouldn’t be seen as the ‘solution’ to overall health.

“What I love about her sharing her morning routine, is that there was no obsessive ‘body check’,” said Cohen. “She wasn’t tying her morning routine to before and after or a certain weight. She was a little coy about what she actually ends up eating — she wasn’t showing us what her breakfast looks like. And I think that was to her credit, because I think she understands that eating disorder is rife, and that she is in a very powerful position.”