‘Back on Bumble I see.’ 11 women share the last text message they ever sent their ex.

Ahh exes. Don’t we love them? No? Oh okay. Well, I have good news for you… You’re not alone. 

Like relationships, every breakup is different. Some are amicable, some are toxic and some are so cringe that the random memory of them jolts you wide awake at 3am.

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We all want to be those people who move on after a breakup to bigger and better things. Yet, we are only human. Everyone texts their ex. We might text them just after we’ve broken up, we might text them after bumping into them at Woolies and we might text them on a drunken night walk home (guilty).

The point is, we all do it.

To prove you’re not alone, here are the last texts that 11 women sent their exes:

The “Oh, while I’ve got you here…”

“I sent this around five years ago after bumping into my ex at a pub. Understandably, didn’t get a response and still cringe about it.”

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