Aussie women told us exactly how much they pay to visit their GP.

Where you live: Regions.

“I’m really glad I have found a bulk billing private practice service. A big issue I have found is access to urgent appointments when unexpectedly ill. I live regionally and our after hours urgent centre cannot cope with demand.”

Name: Erika.

The cost to visit your GP: $190, I get $70 back on Medicare.

The times per year you see your GP on average: Four times.

The average wait time: Easy.

Where you live: Suburbs.

“I have endo and to see my specialist I have to go and get referrals every so often as they run out after a while. Having to pay to get that referral from my GP is adding to the cozzie-livs stress. I do love my GP, and she is definitely worth the cost. I just make a conscious decision not to make too many appointments with her from a financial perspective, and it’s a shame that money is my main motivator rather than my health.”

Name: Maxi.

The cost to visit your GP: $80.

The times per year you see your GP on average: Two times for me, around eight times between my kids and having to take them to the GP.

The average wait time: Easy to get an appointment, but 45 to 60 minutes waiting in the doctor’s office usually. 

Where you live: Rural.

“I previously lived in a much smaller town and was lucky enough to have access to a bulk billing practice that had amazing availability. They almost always had an appointment available within two days. Now in the bigger rural centre I live in, I have to pay $80 out of pocket because no other practices are accepting new patients, and the doctors only last a few months and then leave. Every time I go my appointment feel rushed, and it feels like there’s no quality of care. I have also started using virtual doctors’ appointments (Hola Health, Instant Script, health hotlines) wherever possible to reduce cost and time attending GPs unnecessarily.”