Are Domenica and Jack still together? An investigation.

While in conversation with Tamara and Samantha, Jack said he still “loved” Dom. 

“She’s one of my best mates,” he said before adding they speak daily. 

Later, in another conversation, Dom and Jack talked about their split, with both admitting they misunderstood each other’s love languages and desires.

“I thought we were just mates, and that’s what you wanted,” Jack told her.

According to the experts, there is still hope for the pair, with one saying: “If they keep talking they’re going to get back together, because it is a misunderstanding.”

What did Jack and Domenica say during the final episode?

At the final commitment ceremony, Jack and Domenica opened up about their decision to split up after the experiment. 

“We vowed to each other we would try to leave the experiment to pursue what could be,” Domenica explained. “I really feel as though I reached out to Jack and kept communication. For me, I do feel it was not reciprocated as much as I would have liked.”

Jack admitted he hadn’t tried as hard as Dom would have expected, saying: “I’ll take accountability… I had a lot of time to sort of reflect on the last tail end of the experiment.”

He went on to say: “We got to the end and it was still uncertain… That lack of certainty pushed down my desire to continue. The end of our relationship was still very ‘maybe’.”