Anthony Field on becoming a heartthrob in a blue skivvy.

“I think there are sexist double standards when it comes to objectifying men. When John was first announced as a Wiggle, my sister Alice was defending his honour, telling people not to objectify him.

“But then on the other hand, she was telling me that she had the hots for John as well,” Field said with a laugh.

The interview also touched on Field’s marriage, and the time he lost with his children when on the road. Field shares three kids with his wife Michaela Patisteas (Mickey): Lucia Field, 19, Marie Claire Field, 18, and Antonio Carlos Field, 16. 

At the height of The Wiggles, there were times Mickey was left alone to take care of the children, something Field wishes he could go back and change if he had the chance.

“I think we just fell into a success that we never knew we were going to have. The plus side is, I made money to put the kids through school and give them a house and all that stuff. But the downside is, you lose a lot of bonding with the children, and it was very hard on Mickey.

“It’s not ideal to be on the road nine months of the year,” he admitted.

Anthony with his daughter Lucia. Image: Instagram @lucia_wiggle.