Annie Knight markets herself as ‘Australia’s Most Sexually Active Woman’.

A few years ago, you probably had no idea who Annie Knight was. The young girl from Brisbane didn’t really know either. 

From an early age, she wanted to be a surgeon. With a clear interest in science and maths and a drive to be perfect, she began a medicine degree. But after she started studying, she quickly realised she didn’t have the passion and instead found herself drawn to marketing.

Now, she’s known as Australia’s most sexually active woman and is one of the top earners on the adults-only platform, OnlyFans. It started innocently enough, Knight tells Mia Freedman on this week’s episode of No Filter.

“I started posting TikToks [during COVID] and then realised how fun it was and I started getting views,” she says. 

“I saw all of these girls saying they make $50,000 a month (on OnlyFans). Probably after nine months of doing TikTok, I finally decided to start my OnlyFans in August 2020.”

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At the time, Knight was working as a marketing manager, a job she loved, but paid her just $60,000 a year.

“I wanted to move out of home and I couldn’t afford to move out of home,” Knight says.

Her OnlyFans career started off “very mild.”

“I started with lingerie and bikini only. And then slowly sort of progressed on to the other stuff,” she says. 

“I knew what my strategy was from the start. No one knew who I was, I was not an influencer, I didn’t have a following I was literally just a nobody.