Anna Wintour and Tina Brown: Inside their enduring magazine rivalry.

In 1983 Anna had gained such recognition in the industry that she was touted as one to watch. Long-standing Condé Nast editorial director Alex Liberman appointed Anna with the role of creative director at American Vogue thus beginning her illustrious career working for the famed global media company.

Just two years later she took up her post as editor-in-chief of British Vogue where she began revolutionising the way magazines are produced and promoted. 

“There’s a new kind of woman out there,” she told the London Evening Standard at the time. “She’s interested in business and money. She doesn’t have time to shop anymore. She wants to know what and why and where and how.”

In 1987 Anna returned to New York to head up House & Garden magazine before swiftly landing the role of editor-in-chief at American Vogue.

The role, it seems, she was almost destined to have.

At the same time in the 80s the media world was being shaken up by another young Brit with talent to boot. 

Raised in Buckinghamshire by a film producer father and a publicist mother, Tina Brown had somewhat of a leg up when it came to knowing the lay of the land inside the media industry. Showing real talent for writing at a young age, she studied at the University of Oxford at age 16 before starting her career contributing for the Sunday Times.

In 1979 she became the editor of Tatler which sparked the beginning of her career with Condé Nast. Much like Anna, the people at the top of the publication food chain were beginning to notice her talent and brought her over to New York where she took the editor role at Vanity Fair in 1983.