Angelina Jolie has been trying to divorce Brad Pitt for 8 years. Now she wants to quit Hollywood.

“I wouldn’t be an actress today,” she told WSJ. “When I was starting out, it wasn’t as much of an expectation to be as public, to share so much.”

Also in her WSJ Magazine interview, to promote her fashion collection, the 48-year-old shared how her divorce affected her physically, saying that it had affected the muscles in her face. 

“My body reacts very strongly to stress,” Jolie said. “My blood sugar goes up and down. I suddenly had Bell’s palsy six months before my divorce.”

Jolie takes solace in spending as much time as she can with her six children – Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax and twins Knox and Vivienne.

“We had to heal,” Jolie shared, referring to her life post-divorce from Pitt. “There are things we needed to heal from.”

These days, Jolie says that when she’s in Los Angeles she “doesn’t really have a social life”, instead preferring to surround herself with her kids. “We’re seven very different people, which is our strength,” she said.

“They are the closest people to me and my life, and they’re my close friends.”

This sentiment echoes something the actor said in another interview with Vogue in September, saying, “I’m not really somebody that has girlfriends.”

Jolie’s latest interview comes on the back of an old Instagram post from Pax Jolie-Pitt resurfacing, in which he called out his estranged dad. “Happy Father’s Day to this world-class a**hole!! You time and time again prove yourself to be a terrible and despicable person,” he shared in 2020.