Ana was fulfilling a lifelong dream of going to Taylor Swift’s concert when it was cut short.

The ‘apparent temperature’ – a combination of temperature and humidity – hit 59 degrees in Rio on Friday morning, the highest index ever recorded there.

Elizabeth Morin, 26, told The Associated Press about the “sauna-like” conditions.

“It was extremely hot. My hair got so wet from sweat as soon as I came in,” she recalled. “There was a point at which I had to check my breathing to make sure I wasn’t going to pass out.”

Morin said that while she had access to plenty of water, she saw “a good amount of people looking distressed” and others “yelling for water”.

She said she was able to get water from the sidelines of the area she was standing in, but that water was a lot harder to access from other parts of the stadium, “especially if you were concerned about losing your specific position”.

On her way to the coveted tour, 23-year-old Benevides sent a video to family members that was broadcast by TV channel Globo News, telling them: “Mum, look at the plane, it’s moving. Mom, I’m on the plane. My God in heaven! I’m happy!”

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This article was originally published on November 19 and has been updated.

Feature Image: Getty/Instagram @taylorswift. Instagram/@acbenevidesm.