All the details about the explosive MAFS 2024 reunion.

“Because Lauren had made it onto the show, she felt that she may as well make a go of things with whoever she was matched with,” an insider said. “She’d apparently told friends that this guy in Bali was ‘perfect’ for her, but she was still very curious to see what type of man the experts would choose for her.”

But according to an insider who spoke to So Dramaticthe drama has been “completely blown out of proportion… It was just a holiday fling before the show and a bit of fun, as one does in Bali.”

When was the 2024 MAFS reunion episode filmed?

If past years serve as any indication, the MAFS reunion episodes were filmed back in December. This is so we can watch all of that delicious tension play out right after the final vows air. 

Like it is every single season, the reunion episode is a behind-the-scenes peek into the real dynamics of the couples, who finally have gotten the freedom to date (or… not) outside of the Married At First Sight experiment.

When is the 2024 MAFS reunion going to air?

Well, actually *checks watch*… very soon. Based on previous seasons, the reunion usually airs over two nights in April, which is creeping up fast. 

Either way, hold on to your hats folks, because this season will surely end with a bang…

Feature Image: Nine.

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