All the behind-the-scenes details of The Eras Tour that’ll make you appreciate it so much more.

There are also more than 100 microphones planted around a stadium.

When recording audio for tour films, they use “sometimes more than 100” microphones in larger stadiums. These microphones capture vocals, instruments, and crowd noise on separate tracks.

John Ross, the rerecording mixer for The Eras Tour, said. “Just a recording of the room would be useless.” 

Mixers usually blend parts of a song from different nights to create the best version for concert films, as explained by the New York Times.

Everyone reportedly received a bonus on the US leg of the Eras Tour. 

It’s reported that toward the end of the first US leg of the Eras Tour, Swift reportedly handed out more than $84 million in bonuses to everyone working on the show.

People reported at the time that caterers, truck drivers, dancers and even those with small roles in bringing the tour to life received cash bonuses.

Brazil made a ‘Taylor Swift Law.’

To combat ticket scalping for the Eras Tour, Brazilian lawmakers introduced a bill that was nicknamed the “Taylor Swift Law”. It would criminalise ticket scalping — where tickets are purchased for an event to resell for a profit — with penalties of up to four years in prison and “fees” aka fines up to “100 times the original ticket price,” NBC News reported

The bill came into place after tickets for Swift’s shows in Brazil went on sale in June 2023. Fans were having trouble purchasing legitimate tickets, as scalpers made it nearly impossible.

Feature Image: Getty/X @swiftiesupremacy013/ TikTok @isabelgzzf. 

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