Affairs, cigarettes and loneliness: Princess Margaret’s rebellious royal life.

Long before Meghan Markle and Princess Diana, Princess Margaret was the original rebel rousing royal.

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II was everything a royal wasn’t meant to be because, decorum.

Princess Margaret was bold, adventurous and glamorous. Had she not been in the British royal family, she would’ve likely been a Hollywood actress (although she spent most of her life partying with them anyway).

Her love affair with Peter Townsend was the stuff of films (more on this in a bit), and her marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones was equally as headline-making (more on that later, too).

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But take away the jewels and cigarette holder, and Princess Margaret lived a deeply lonely life, deprived of real relationships and stifled by her family’s and the British government’s expectations of how a woman in the royal family should behave: quiet, meek and conservative.

She was none of these things, and the public loved her for it, for a time.

From chain-smoking in bed every morning and her forbidden relationship with an older divorced man, to being the first royal to marry a commoner in over 400 years (oh, how times have changed, eh?), here’s a deep dive into Princess Margaret’s fascinating life.