Absolutely everything that’s happened since the MAFS contestants got their Instagrams back.

Speaking on Hit WA with Allan & Carly in early April, Ella aired her suspicions that Mitch and Tamara had some sort of intimate relationship
before filming for the reality show began.

“The word is they are together, and they have been for a while… That’s what we’ve all been told,” she said.

“The speculation is that it’s been going on for quite a while, potentially even before filming the reunion.”

Olivia apparently shared Dom’s nudes with people outside of the experiment.

The nude photo scandal involving Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer has just gotten worse with reports coming out that Liv had in fact shared a “further
five” naked pictures of Dom to “Jackson’s mates”. 

In one episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, an insider revealed she had seen naked photos of Dom, through her husband who was a close
friend of Liv’s MAFS husband, Jackson Lonie.

“Olivia shared ‘that photo’ and a further five of Dom to more [people] than the MAFS group,” the source explained.

“My husband saw it because a guy he works with is a close friend of Jackson and Olivia had sent these OnlyFans photos to Jackson’s mates.”

In an interview with Mia Freedman on Mamamia‘s No Filter podcast, Olivia went on to blame MAFS producers for being “blindsided”.

“The whole storyline looks like I’m out for revenge and a malicious person, and I’m not. I had the dumb luck of being the cast member who was sent the [photo],” she said.