Abbie Chatfield allegedly lost $500,000 for ‘quitting work’. But that’s hardly the full story.

Abbie Chatfield is the host of one reality show and judges another, she has a hugely prolific social media presence, owns an alcohol brand and sex toy range, and hosts her own popular podcast — but that’s not enough. 

Apparently, if she wanted to, she could be richer. 

Yahoo Lifestyle recently estimated that Abbie turned down around $500,000 worth of work in 2023. 

The hefty sum was calculated from multiple business ventures that Abbie reportedly turned down this year.

Firstly, there was a book deal that she backed out of. Abbie described the book on her podcast, It’s A Lot, as an “entry-level handbook for young feminists,” she said, adding “I tried to write but I couldn’t write anything, I couldn’t force it.” 

Yahoo claims that the advance for the book would have been around the $100,000 to $150,000 mark. 

Then there’s her national radio show Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield which the former The Bachelor star quit this August after 18 months on air. According to Yahoo, Abbie’s annual salary was around $300,000.

“Abbie easily would have made $300,000 from the show, plus tens of thousands more on top of that from live [ad] reads as she led the market in that time slot against Nova and KIIS,” an insider told the publication.

We’ve reached out to Abbie for comment. 

Abbie Chatfield at the TikTok Awards 2023. Image: Getty.