A scene in Boy Swallows Universe has started an Australian petition.

Sim grew up with horror stories of Boggo Road’s dark past being shared around the dinner table.

“As a child, there wasn’t a single one of us who wasn’t in absolute fear of the red brick walls of Boggo Road Gaol. It was a palpable and physical thing. It was a place that was shunned, despised, feared, and for people from Queensland – its infamy and reputation spanned generations.” 

Given the heightened interest in the real-life stories that inspired Boy Swallows Universe, a tour and museum of the prison that housed Slim seems like an obvious next step.

“With the arrival of the Netflix series, we’ve just been swamped [with interest],” Sim said.

“The book was already an international bestseller, and on top of that, the Netflix series produced by Screen Queensland has now arrived.”

The petition currently stands at more than 1,000 signatures with the initial aim of acquiring 1,500 petitioners.

“We’re not unreasonable. We understand there the safety concerns and that the development has some challenges. But we’re calling for the jail to be opened by the end of this year’s school holidays. We need the certainty of an opening date and the public is asking for it in spades,” he said.

“We’ve got the opportunity to capitalise off a really powerful piece.” 

Feature image: Netflix. 

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