A ranking of the most cringe-worthy Oscars moments.

As he opened the envelope and prepared to announce the winner, Beatty looked MIGHTY confused. He paused, looked around and then spectacularly threw Dunaway under the bus by having her announce La La Land as the winner.

The film’s team celebrated and headed up on stage. They began to give their speeches, as Oscars team members started to run on stage. A man with a headpiece grabbed the envelope and took a look… while everyone on stage, except the poor men making heartfelt acceptance speeches, looked highly confused and concerned about the commotion.

Then… Oh, shit. It took producers nearly three minutes and three full speeches to announce the mistake, with La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz being the one to say it out loud:

“There’s a mistake. ‘Moonlight,’ you guys won best picture… This is not a joke,” he said.

The Moonlight team, audience and precisely all of us were shook to our core, then the Moonlight cast and crew dashed up on stage to collect their award.

It turned out Beatty had been given the wrong envelope, receiving a duplicate of the Actress in a leading role award that had earlier been won by Emma Stone.

You can watch this 100 times, and it’ll still make you want to curl up in a dark corner in the fetal position.

Here’s hoping for some more awkward moments – but maybe not this awkward – during 2024’s show.

Feature images: Getty and YouTube.

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