A problematic defence of Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent ‘bad’ behaviour.

Many people have said it reminds them of Succession‘s Kendall Roy performing ‘L to the OG’ at Logan Roy’s birthday party. If you have watched Succession, you will know the implications of that. If you have not watched Succession, the most important thing to understand is that no other TV scene has given me more of a full-body cringe in my entire life.

I can see the similarities, but only because we are watching DiCaprio’s footage on our laptops or phones, at home, at work, or on the train. We are devoid of the context in which having fun and letting loose at a birthday party, whether you’re nine or 49, is completely normal behaviour.

He’s not being sloppy or hurting anyone else. It’s basically karaoke. Karaoke is inherently cringe in the best way. And if you can’t be a little silly on your birthday, when can you be? 

I simply hate the inference that getting older means you must *always* be, well, mature. And the further inference that maturity means you must always be serious or above ‘fun’.

DiCaprio is renowned as an eternal bachelor, mostly defined these days in pop culture gossip by his pretty weird dating life, which I think plays into the reaction. People don’t like him anymore, and we know there is no force more powerful than overreacting to all the actions of people you don’t like simply because you don’t like them.

DiCaprio has also never ‘settled down’ in the traditional sense, with a long-term relationship or marriage and kids (and he’s never made the kind of explanations or excuses that we demand of women in the same situation). He’s always stuck to doing what he likes, which is making movies, dating women with increasingly problematic age-gaps and partying. Maybe that’s the real issue.