‘A kids’ movie proved to me that sibling rivalry is actually a good thing.’

The game and laughter resume, I breathe a sigh of relief and secretly high-five myself that the kids are learning through the fine art of rivalry. Sure, I might be in the minority of parents who let it play out, but I try, as often as humanly possible, to find that delicate balance between cooperation and competition.

Which is why I’m so excited for my kids to see the latest animated movie from Universal Studios and Illumination Studios, Migration. It’s an action-packed adventure of a duck family, the Mallards, going on their first-ever migration south for winter. Could there be a better time for some sibling rivalry than an overseas vacation?

I had high expectations. 

After all, the creators of Minions, Despicable Me, Sing, and Secret Life have magical powers to create family movies that parents love to watch just as much as the kids – no easy feat. But beyond the many laugh-out-loud moments (and most incredible musical score), Migration made me smile because it showed me that my kids aren’t alone in their competitive streak.

The story begins in the Mallard’s New England Pond, where the dad, Mack, plans to keep his family forever. 

Despite mum Pam’s eagerness for her family to ‘spread their wings,’ Mack wants to keep them safe by going nowhere and talking to no one. Like most teens I know, the teen son, Dax, isn’t keen on the ‘play it safe’ strategy. 

Siblings, Dax and Gwen in Migration. Image: Universal Pictures.