A ‘dating cult’ inspired Netflix’s newest documentary. The true story is worse than what you’ll see on screen.

“The public statement that you would see in the Twin Flames Universe forum, that Jeff and Shaleia would post, is, ‘We’re not pushing anybody to transition. Whatever that looks like for you is fine,’” a former member Victoria says in the documentary. 

“But behind closed doors, the messaging was different. It had become a form of conversion therapy.”

One former member interviewed in the docuseries said they had begun to transition when she left the group. Another member claimed that two people in TFU had already had top surgery to remove their breasts.

Jeff and Shaleia both deny their group is a cult. 

“In a general statement addressed to the media on its website, TFU denies allegations that it is a cult, that it improperly profits off students, that it encourages stalking, or that it separates students from their families,” reads a statement at the end of each episode.

Does Twin Flames Universe still exist?

Very much so. Twin Flames Universe’s YouTube and Instagram accounts are both still active, the classes are still offered online, and the community’s Facebook group still has over 100,000 members. 

The group continues to recruit new members. Jeff has since founded the Church of Union and in the final episode of Escaping Twin Flames, former member Griffin claimed the group’s next stage was to bring members together in Michigan to live in trailers on a joint commune where members would birth ‘golden children’ with each other. 

In April 2023, Jeff and Shaleia welcomed their first daughter, Grace Violet Divine. 

Feature image: Netflix. 

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