A combined 100 years in the sex trade: Meet the world’s oldest prostitutes.

Louise has three children from her previous relationship, and said some or all of them have been in and out of foster care. Martine has four children, and has said her familial story is not dissimilar to her sister’s. Louise and Martine were also ostracised from their parents after they found out what their daughters were doing.

“Our mother drove down to the canal where we were working on the street and shouted: ‘I see you! Your father is coming.’ She hit me. I was very embarrassed for my parents.” 

For people who have interviewed Louise and Martine, they say the twins are not only alike physically, but in their mannerisms too.

One journalist said: “The sisters dress and speak identically, and, to complicate matters, often talk over each other, in a way that is almost impossible to understand. They seem to speak in a kind of code.”

In 2011, the sisters were featured in a documentary called Meet the Fokkens, which followed their lives working in the red-light district in Amsterdam. 

The two sisters, Louise and Martine Fokkens. Image: Meet the Fokkens documentary/Kino Lorber.