‘A bartender recognised me.’ Abbie Chatfield details her first sex-party experience.

Later in the podcast, The Bachelor runner-up shared details of a past encounter that has made her wary of people who are aware of her fame when she’s out and about. “I got with a girl once and she turned around and said, ‘I just got with Abbie Chatfield’ to her friend. It’s all a bit yuck.”

Chatfield also opened up about a bad experience she had in Amsterdam when she was 20 that’s made her hesitant to approach women. “I was with this random girl all night at this club. I thought we were flirting and then I tried to kiss her and she shoved me.

“I probably should have asked for consent but I just leaned in to kiss her – I didn’t grab her. Anyways, she said, ‘What the f**k are you doing, you f**king lesbian?!'” Abbie recalled.

“I’m just a bit traumatised from that.”

After dipping her toes into the sex club scene, the podcaster said she would be keen to try again – but she’ll hide her identity next time.

“I think I’ll go back but maybe wearing a gimp mask. Or with a wig on and sunglasses… in a hot way, like, ‘Who is she?’ way. And I’d probably only go with someone I’ve had sex with.”

Chatfield has been living her best single life since she ended her year-long open relationship with The Bachelorette’s Konrad Bien-Stephen in August 2022.

Feature Image: Instagram/@abbiechatfield. 

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