9 destination dupes for when you cbf leaving the country

It’s no secret I love an overseas holiday. There’s nothing like turning on that out-of-office, grabbing a coffee after battling through customs, and settling into your seat knowing that, in just a few (or… a lot of) hours in the sky, you’ll be in full holiday mode somewhere totally exotic.


Except sometimes, I just want to… skip the whole hustle-through-the-airport-then-sit-for-many-hours-on-a-plane part. Which is why I’ve been on the hunt for some A+++ destination dupes here at home.

A destination dupe, in case you haven’t clocked, is a holiday spot that gives the feel of a far-off destination but happens to be a whole lot closer, easier to get to and – often – more affordable.

And our little ol’ part of the world has plenty to offer that’s – dare I say it – just as good as an overseas adventure.

So here, friends, are nine lush holidays you can take without needing to pack your passport.

1. Duped: The Grand Canyon.

Yes, there really is a geological marvel barely a stone’s throw from one of Australia’s major cities: NSW’s Capertee Valley in Lithgow, just 2.5 hours’ drive out of Sydney.

It’s actually 1km wider than the US’s infamous Grand Canyon and okay, it’s not as deep or as long, but still pretty darn impressive, n’est pas?

In fact, Capertee is the world’s second largest canyon, and surrounded by World Heritage listed wilderness, it can definitely give the US’s prized ravine a run for its money.