8 pairs of comfortable party shoes that actually look good.

You know that thing your brain does? When it reminds you of something you’ve been trying to forget? Well, mine keeps pushing memories of me waddling back home in deathly uncomfortable shoes after a party.

Maybe it’s serving as a reminder so I don’t make the same mistake again this festive season. 

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, you’re most likely shopping for dresses, gifts and other knick knacks to help you get ready. Well, I’m here to tell you to add one more thing to that list: Comfy party shoes.

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Yes, the word comfy is important here.

You see, when I see the word, I envision footwear that’s podiatrist approved. You know, the ones you find at your local chemist? Hardly party material.

But fashion isn’t what it used to be, and women no longer have to deal with tight and painful footwear on a night out.

Before getting into it, here are a few tips you should know: If you’re looking to wear high heels, then opt for a shoe that either has a kitten or block heel. If it’s sky high, then make sure the sole of the shoe has a thick platform. This way, your feet will be supported.