8 incredibly niche memories you definitely have if you played The Sims.

They lived lavish lives despite their appalling work ethic, and I grew up resentful of the fact that I couldn’t use it on my own real-life bank account.

Singing along to Katy Perry and Paramore in Simlish.

‘Last Friday Night’ became ‘Lass Frooby Noop’, and also 100 times more delightful.

And maybe trying to learn Simlish yourself.

We all tried to make ‘Sul sul’, the universal Sim language, happen in our real lives for a moment there.

Other highlights? ‘Firby nurbs’, a statement of annoyance or irritation. ‘Wabadebadoo’, which literally means ‘I am on fire’ and is used way more literally than metaphorically. And of course ‘dag dag’, for goodbye.


Now that I think about it as an adult, the way we would all IMMEDIATELY start our Sims flirting, then kissing in order to WooHoo! (that’s Sim sex, in case you’ve blocked out those memories) was unhinged and also very inappropriate.

But, just like a spot of murder, it was pretty fun.

The things that damn vibrating bed has seen.