7 women who hated their wedding day, including Jennifer Lawrence.

“My mum was like, ‘It’s freezing out there, your grandmother almost died’,” she joked.

Unsurprisingly, Lawrence’s wedding featured a star-studded guest list, including Robert De Niro. According to the No Hard Feelings star, Bob (can you imagine calling the Golden Globe winner Bob!?) was walking around the venue looking lost and bored.

“I looked over, and I saw Bob, who doesn’t know anybody and he’s kind of wandering around, and I immediately was like, ‘No, this isn’t what he wants to be doing. I don’t want him here’,” she said. 

“So, I went over and whispered, I was like, ‘Go home’ and he was nice – he like talked to my parents and was polite – but I was like, ‘Go’,” she added, admitting that she felt a lot more relaxed after he left.

Lawrence’s wedding hosted 150 guests including Adele, Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz and Kris Jenner to name a few, so we don’t blame her for being stressed.

While most people don’t have the world’s biggest celebs at their wedding, that doesn’t mean they don’t have regrets of their own. So we asked women what they hated about their weddings – and boy, did they have some doozies. 

Weddings aren’t always the most magical day of a woman’s life. For some, it’s a complete disaster. Image: Getty.