7 hair products you don’t really need, according to an expert.

So, since we’ve already covered the skincare products you don’t need, we think it’s time to dive into haircare. 

We’ve brought in the juicy brains of a hair expert – Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost from Absolique Hair Clinic in Brisbane – to tell us what we don’t need. 

1. Food-based hair care 

Similar to skincare products, hair experts aren’t huge fans of food-based ingredients in hair care, either.

“Food-based hair care does not work. These food home hair remedies like egg, apple cider vinegar, onion juice and bicarb of soda, may not damage your hair or scalp, but they also won’t help anything,” Evans-Frost says. 

“To be fair, there are some active ingredients in the foods I mentioned, but they need to be mixed with other ingredients to be effective. Leave the food in the kitchen.”

 2. Hair oil.

No. But this was… unexpected? Maybe a little bit terrifying?? We love our hair oils!

In any case, Evans-Frost said you’re probably going too hard on the hair oils – and they’re not really doing a whole load of good stuff when it comes to the health of your scalp.


“The hair world went crazy over oil,” she shares. “And I understand some oils are traditional for some cultures, but I see with a microscope, they are not doing your hair or scalp any good.” 

Evans-Forst says if you do use hair oils, it should be “minimal” and “be mindful of the scalp as it can block the scalp oil gland, the sebaceous gland.”