5 ways to style cargo shorts like a cool girl.

Arguably, one of the biggest fashion trends to return this summer is cargo shorts. And I’m not mad, particularly when flying Jetstar, and am sneaking all my extra heavy items in my many oversized pockets. But as this style circles back, you will be one of many wondering how you can wear the look without seeming to be desperately hip.

Here are some ideas for styling cargo pants like all the cool girls…

1. Start by going minimal.

If you are going to wear cargos, you don’t have to immediately wear hoops and a diamante t-shirt and look like the long-lost member of Destiny’s Child. While that combo would be excellent, you can opt for a minimalist vibe to give a contemporary feel. Get some cargo shorts in a tame colour — cream, for example — and pair them with a simple shirt. Add some sneakers and a baseball cap, and it’s all very cargo shorts circa JFK Jr. Hamptons preppy.

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