4 ways to wear metallic eyeshadow for over-50s.

“This technique works on the majority of eyes, and the eye look can be seen when looking down/blinking and slightly visible when eyes are open,” he said. “Keeping the metallic very concentrated on the mobile eyelid, with the eye socket shaded for lift/definition is the most balanced and traditional effect.”

You can also add some pigment below the lower lash line, depending on how bold you want to go.

If you’re looking for metallic shadow options, we like Revlon ColorStay Crème Eyeshadow, $9.99, and Trinny London Eyetallics, $40.

If you’re a powder girl and want to go a little bougie, you could go for something like Dior DiorShow Fusion Mono Long-Wear Eyeshadow, $55 or Hermes Ombres d’Hermès Eye Shadow Quartet, $175.

2. Vertical shimmer.

If you want to create an open and lifted eye, this one’s for you. “This works on upper eye areas with a larger space from lash to brow,” explained Brown. 

“Perfect for Asian eyes and vertically wide eyes with lots of space. Rather than applying metallics to the whole mobile eyelid, keep this super central and use fingertip to literally sweep vertically to create a central longer highlight.”

The result? Bigger, brighter eyes.

“This means the highlight is visible even when eyes are open. The eye socket is still defined, but the very centre of the eye socket is open and lifted.”

3. Metallic liner.

“This technique is for someone who does not have a strong or very defined mobile eyelid/eye socket. It’s perfect for hooded eyes or mature, ageing [crepey] eyelid skin,” said Brown.

Using shimmer and metallic can often put focus on ageing skin, he explained, or can end up highlighting an area that needs to be shaded to appear deeper.