15 perfumes that *always* get compliments.

A thing that everyone wants: to be that person who always gets complimented on their perfume. 

It’s true! Don’t lie. We all do. 

While we may all have different preferences when it comes to our signature scent, it’s the best feeling when someone asks what we’re wearing. We froth over it. Go home and tell our family/friends/pets/anyone who’ll listen.

Because it literally just re-confirms everything you’ve ever known: you have impeccable taste.

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So! When we came across a request in the You Beauty Facebook group (if you aren’t already a member – get amongst it!), asking for the one perfume that always get compliments, we just had to do a big juicy round-up.

The brief? ‘Fresh, sweet-scented’ perfumes. And yes – the You Beauty community DELIVERED.

Below, you’ll find all the best perfumes that’ll always grab people’s attention. 

MOR Marshmallow EDP. Image: Myer/Canva.